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Currently UNISON meat inspectors and vets are involved in fighting to protect the public from diseased meat. 

However, the board of the Food Standards Agency (covering England & Wales) is looking at ways to get rid of independent meat inspection - the people who protect you - and allow industry to police itself.  While, Northern Ireland and Scotland have a different government agency, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the official body for the whole UK. Click on Campaign  Details to see what you can do.


Meat inspection costs us all just 38p per person, per year in the UK. That is 38p per year to protect you and your family from harmful and diseased meat.

You can help by writing to your MP and councillors highlighting the dangers of taking away meat inspection.

Meat inspectors, official veterinarians and the staff that support them, defend your food from diseases and harmful bacteria. We exist to campaign for independent inspection.

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